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Our mission here at Square 1 Design is to help promote the South Jersey Shore by improving online interaction and visibility to local tourism related businesses. With just under 20 years of experience, we have an innovative team that is providing state of the art solutions for small to medium size businesses without the huge price tag you would typically see with our custom sites and platforms. Please take a moment to set up a meeting today to find out why our service & products are a much better solution to any local or nationwide service.

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Meet Brett Matthews (And Family), Owner of Square 1 Design

The Matthews Family - Cape May New JerseyBrett Matthews, born in Cape May County, has been actively promoting the South Jersey area since starting the business in 2004. Before the growth of the business, Brett worked as the Sr. Graphic Designer for an online lead generation company in North Jersey called CUnet, which was later aquired by Nelnet. During his time with CUnet, Brett worked as the lead designer and was shared by all three departments building user friendly web pages for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC) and Email Marketing all designed specifically for lead generation for promoting online universities and colleges.

CUnet was a great stepping stone for Brett which started his business with a few clients to expanding the business to over 200 satisfied clients with a variety of custom sites and state of the art programming features that are completely custom to that clients needs. With the growth of the business, customer service has always been the companies number one priority! We value our new clients, but we know that the most important client is our existing ones and make sure we do everything we can to address and/or enhance their services quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, outside of building one of the most successful web design companies in New Jersey, Brett has spent a lot of time in the community working with local municipalities, school districts and non-profit organizations. "Moving back to Cape May County was one of the best decisions of my life and I am looking forward to continuing the growth of my business and watching my kids grow to be a part of the great community we have down here."

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"Square 1 Design has exactly what I was looking for in a web programming team--easy to communicate with and efficient. Brett was able to convert ideas that I had brainstormed and bring them to life on our website. I wanted aesthetics, functionality, and the ability to make changes myself as necessary and the finished product from Square 1 Design delivered just that."
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